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We care about your child's health... all tools are sanitized in a professional grade autoclave... Anything that can't go into the autoclave is a single person use.

Butterfly Kisses & Birthday Wishes $63 (60 minutes)
The perfect gift for your tween....A Pedi & Mani with all the wonderful treats…

Sugar Kiss Pedi $35 (30 minutes)
A fun pedicure for the tween in your life...feet are soaked in Sugar Kiss scented bath, nails are trimmed, followed by Sugar Kiss Cream to make those feet even softer. Polish of your choice application with a decal or rhinestone for each big toe...

Sugar Kiss Mani $32 (30 minutes)
Hands are soaked in a Sugar Kiss scented bath, nails are trimmed, followed by an application of Sugar Kiss cream lotion..Polish application with a decal or rhinestone for each pointer finger.

Totally Teen - Boys & Girls (Ages 11 to 16)


Teen Eyebrow Shaping $18
Eyebrow shaping will add definition & create a beautiful shape to your face.

Teen Facial $52 (45 minutes)
A facial designed to introduce your teen to proper skin care. We start with a skin analysis, followed by cleanse, tone, steam with extractions, mask & moisturize...Includes instructions on how to care for skin at home.

Teen Acne Buster Facial $70 (60 minutes)
Tackle - toxins, oil and congestion with cleansers, exfoliation, steam, extractions and mask
Tame - inflammation and acne with serums, non-oily hydrating lotion
Teach - includes a thorough skin analysis as well as crucial skin care secrets for life long glowing skin...Being a teenager just got better!
For best results a series of six is recommended...$375

Make-up 101 $42 (30 minutes)
A make-up application and lesson. Make-up that gives a fresh, beautiful look that is right for a teen face. We will show your teen the proper technique to make their make-up applications easy.

It’s "TOEtallly" About Me Pedi $45 (40 minutes)
This Chocolate Pedi includes foot soak, cuticles, nail shaping, foot & leg massage & of course your choice of sassy polish!

Perfect MANIcure $40 (40 minutes)
This Chocolate Mani includes cuticles, nail shaping, exfoliation, hand & arm massage & your choice of polish!

Totally Scrumptious Chocolate Body Scrub (Vichy Shower) $54 (45 minutes)
Get healthy, glowing skin with this full body treatment. Chocolate Scrub is used to gently exfoliate your skin, then rinsed off under the rain bar...followed by an application of deliciously scented Chocolate Buttercream. A bathing suit or undies is required to have this treatment.

"Mirror, Mirror On The Wall".. For you and your B.F.F. $90 each (75 minutes)
Side-by-side teen facials..followed with Make-up 101..Make-up application and lesson that gives a fresh, beautiful look that is right for a teen face!

Teens Acne

Teen Acne

Teen acne generally begins between the ages of ten and thirteen. The most common progression starts on the nose, spreads to the forehead, chin, and cheeks. In more severe cases, acne may affect the neck, back and upper arms.

Teen Acne Triggers
Hormones released at the onset of puberty are responsible for the appearance of acne during the teen years.
These hormones stimulate the skin's sebaceous, or oil glands, creating an oily skin that is more prone to pore blockage and breakouts.

Although acne is completely frustrating, and you don’t want to be seen in public there are things you can do to get it under control. There are also a few things you shouldn't do if you really want to get results and feel good about your skin. Here are some things to stop doing when you have acne.

If you are not sure how to treat your acne or what products to use, a certified esthetician experienced in acne treatments can help design a treatment plan for you.

Blaming yourself
Acne doesn’t happen because of something you did or didn’t do. Acne just is. Some people are prone to it, some are not. Acne is not your fault and you are not causing your acne. So, stop blaming yourself and instead spend that time finding a treatment that works for you.

Don't pop pimples
This can be a tough one. When you see that zit, you really want to pop it to make it go away. While gently squeezing a pimple every once in a while probably won't do much harm, constant picking and forceful squeezing definitely will.

Sure, you may be able to extract some gunk from the pimple, but a whole lot more is happening under the skin's surface. When a pimple is squeezed, the follicle wall is put under intense pressure. If the wall bursts, infected material spills from the pore and into the dermis. More inflammation is created, and other pimples may soon follow. You also run the risk of scarring. So don't pop, squeeze, or otherwise pick at your blemishes.

As hard as it may be, fight the urge to pick. You'll actually notice that your skin starts to look better.

Don't scrub the face.
Blemishes can't be scrubbed away. In fact, too much scrubbing can cause irritation and worsen your acne. Remember, your skin is a sensitive organ and should be treated gently. This means no gritty scrubs, abrasive cleansing pads, or fiercely rubbing at your skin with a washcloth.

Don't use too many treatment products at once, or apply them too often.
Even though it is tempting, slathering on topical medications on numerous times every day won't clear acne faster. But it will leave your skin super dry and irritated, as will using multiple acne treatments at once (for example, salicylic acid lotion, on top of benzoyl peroxide cream, on top of Retin A gel).
Don't layer products on your skin. Instead, space applications throughout the day (salicylic acid cleanser in the morning, benzoyl peroxide lotion at night.) If you notice any irritation, scale back use to every other day or drop the second product altogether.

If you are using prescription acne medications, never use an additional acne product without first getting your doctor's okay.

Don’t ignore acne.
There are treatment options that can help. If acne is mild, you can first try over-the- counter treatment options. If, after several weeks of treatment you are not seeing results, you may want to see a certified esthetician experienced in acne treatments...
Here are a few treatments that a certified esthetician can do to treat acne. Remember to make sure that the esthetician is experienced in acne treatments.

Procedural treatments are therapies that can be performed by an esthetician in the treatment of mild to severe acne. Procedural therapies are meant to be supportive and used in conjunction with topical and/or systemic treatments.

A list of Procedural treatments are listed below;

  • Comedo extractions - Often performed by estheticians during a facial, Comedo extractions involve gently coaxing plugs of sebum and cellular debris from the pore. By removing blackheads, milia, and soft closed comedones the overall number of breakouts can be reduced. Estheticians are not permitted to extract cysts or serious lesions. These may only be extracted by a dermatologist through surgical methods.
  • Light chemical peels - Despite the name, light chemical peels do not "peel" the skin. Instead, they deeply exfoliate the skin using an alpha-hydroxy, beta-hydroxy, or glycolic acid. Light chemical peels improve acne by removing dead skin cells and helping to clear pores of debris. Estheticians may incorporate chemical peels into a facial for those with mild to moderate acne.
  • Microdermabrasion - This treatment may be performed at a spa or your dermatologist's office. A machine is used to rapidly discharge super-fine crystals over the skin's surface, blasting away dead skin cells. It is not painful. A microdermabrasion treatment deeply exfoliates the skin, loosening debris from within the pore. It is best for those who have non-inflamed acne, with many blackheads and/or whiteheads.
  • Cold Laser - Cold Laser utilizes laser or light. They work by killing P. acnes, reducing inflammation, or shrinking the sebaceous glands, depending on what therapy is used. There are many different light and laser treatments available including blue light and red light.

A certified Esthetician experienced in acne treatments will design a treatment plan, can recommend products to use and can also identify acne that required treatment by a doctor or dermatologist.