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Comfort Zone

Made in Parma, Italy, Comfort Zone professional skincare combines the best of science and nature to deliver results-driven, sensorial botanical skin solutions.

Comfort Zone is a Certified B Corporation that envisions beauty in balance with sustainability, creating effective and ethical products that ensure your purchase has purpose.

3-Bright Facial
This NEW Comfort Zone Facial features an intensive, triple-action treatment created to correct dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone based on the 3-BRIGHT TECHNOLOGY™ approach of correction, luminosity, and prevention.
This facial features a professional-only intensive biphasic mask with rhodiola extract and 2.5 per cent niacinamide to support the correction of all types of pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin and safe for pregnancy.
Recommended for dull or uneven skin tone and all types of pigmentation including melasma, (a hormonal discolouration).
Benefits - Smoothes, brightens, supports correction of uneven skin tone.
60 Min$115

Sublime Skin Ultra Glow & Lift Facial
The Sublime Skin Ultra Glow & Lift Facial is the ultimate combination of the Sublime Skin Super Peel and Sublime Skin Pro-Lift facial. This facial treatment combines both core methods from the facial treatments, the double peel method and Sublime Skin Peel-Off Mask. Resulting in firmer toned skin and visibly smoother fine lines and wrinkles. Combats thinning, dull skin and boosts elasticity and density. With the Archi-lift TM technology as well as the option to address menopausal conditions, this treatment is the ultimate solution to every aging concern ensuring deep skin regeneration and renewed vitality.
Recommended For - Skin that is mature, thickened, uneven tone, wrinkles and visible loss of tone and volume.
Benefits - Nourishes, illuminates, tones and attenuates deep wrinkles as well as fine lines.
75 Min$138

Hydra Glow Facial
Boost immediate and long-lasting hydration wherever you go with the new Hydra Glow Facial for the ultimate glow all day long!
Discover the power of Prickly Pear Extract combined with Hyaluronic Acid from regenerative organic plants and the combination of the new Comfort Zone Ice Spoon with an intensive signature Hydra Drain and Lift Massage.
Recommended For - All skin types. Exceptionally dehydrated skin and ideal for skin that is exhibiting signs of premature signs of aging.
Benefits - Profound skin hydration, elasticity and luminosity.
60 Min$115

Active Pureness Facial
This facial treatment targets the sebum (oil production) and epidermal lipids (the barrier against movement of water) of the skin. Essential for the beauty and balance of the skin, sebum can turn from being an ally to becoming a problem to the skin.
Active Pureness by [Comfort Zone] is formulated to purify, renew and mattify oily skin. With up to 96% natural-origin ingredients, including a blend of White and Green Clays, this formulation contrasts the overproduction of sebum and helps to mattify the skin.
Recommended For - All skin conditions, including sensitive skin, dehydrated and mature. Particularly effective on impure, oily, scarred and acne prone skin Benefits - Smoothes and improves the skin’s texture. Purifies, regenerates and mattifies. Rebalances sebaceous levels.
60 Min$112

Remedy Facial
Sensitive or inflamed skin is easily recognized as it typically appears red and warm to the touch.
Sensitive skin is associated with an impaired, weakened skin barrier which then makes one’s skin more susceptible to irritants and allergens, trigging an inflammatory condition.
The Remedy Facial soothes and fortifies sensitive and sensitized skins by targeting all effects of excess inflammation. A powerful prebiotic formulation and Manla Oil to promote skin health, provide extra defense and repair the skin barrier.
Recommended For - Skin which is sensitive, fragile, sensitized and prone to redness. Ideal after sun exposure and Level 1 Rosacea can also benefit from this facial.
Benefits - Renews and smoothes the skin. Soothes redness and irritations. Nourishes and Fortifies the skin barrier. Restores the protective skin barrier through a delicate dermal-affinity action. A soothing fortifying facial with the exclusive peel-off oil mask that renews, soothes the skin, soothes redness, nourishes and fortifies the skin barrier.
50 Min$100