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Wellness Massage

Wellness Massage

As a Leading Spa we are continuously searching for new wellness & relaxation experiences.

A Wellness Massage is a smooth flowing style that promotes general relaxation, improves circulation, range of movement and relieves muscle tension. All of the massages listed below are Wellness Massages by estheticians, accredited in the light touch and relaxation method. If you want to claim for insurance, you must REQUEST an RMT.

Ǿ - Services with this symbol are not available with RMT's

De-stress..You Deserve it & Your Body Needs It !

Add a Scalp Massage to any treatment... $22
Relax the stress away with an invigorating stimulating scalp massage to increase the circulation to the scalp.

Serenity Massage $89 (60 minutes)
serenity massage Calm your senses as aromatic bags steeped in warm massage oil are used to gently massage your body. Tension slowly melts away leaving you relaxed and your skin hydrated.

Ǿ Indian Foot Massage (Kansa Vatki)
Indian Foot MassageIndian Foot Massage originates from India, where it has been part of the Ayurvedic tradition for centuries. This treatment concentrates on your feet and lower legs, supporting, nourishing and nurturing your whole body.

You will receive this massage while you lie on a massage table. The treatment includes using Warm Ghee with a small authentic Kansa Vatki metal bowl made of copper, tin and zinc that supports your body's health. Your treatment begins with some relaxing foot and lower leg massage. The heart of the therapy involves rubbing the soles of the feet with the Kansa Vatki metal bowl, ending with a sequence of further massages.

Ayurvedic Foot Massage is designed to:

  • Improve blood/lymph circulation
  • Relax tired feet and legs
  • Improve joint mobility
  • Calms the mind and body
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, nervousness, depression
  • Relieve tension in the back, neck, shoulders
  • Induce sound sleep
  • Restore and Rebalances the body's natural energy

1 Hour - $78

Sound Massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls $125 (75 minutes)
tibetan sound massageThe vibration effects of the Tibetan Singing Bowls on one’s body is an incredible inner journey experience.
Inspired by Ku Nye, an antique indigenous practice belonging to the Traditional Tibetan Medicine, born in Tibet more than 3900 years ago.
Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage is a unique relaxing massage that also uses the sound and vibration generated by the Tibetan Singing Bowls that are placed on the body... A unique and pleasurable ritual which stimulates vitality, relieves tension, contributes to the elimination of toxins stored in the body, reduces joint and muscle pain and reduces anxiety.. A client favorite...

Add a Tub before this massage $50

Ǿ Hemp Code Mellow Out Massage $89 (60 minutes)
Hemp Code organic hemp oil is made from cold-pressed hemp seeds grown and cultivated in Bergamo, Italy with the focus and commitment to quality.
The calming, soothing effects of hemp oil works in unison with relaxing massage techniques designed to quiet the mind and relax the body, reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage $80 (45 minutes)
Himalayan Salt Stone Massage & Salt BathHimalayan Salt Stone Massage is an innovative healing technique using warm salt crystal stones to ground and balance the body's electromagnetic field and central nervous system,. Salt crystals from an ancient primal sea beneath the Himalayan Mountains are hand-carved into massage stones that gently soothe away an accumulation of stress, tension and pollutants. Himalayan salt has 84 trace minerals that help to reduce inflammation, eliminate toxins and re-mineralize your body, increasing deep relaxation. The benefits for your body are truly amazing! Don't forget to check out the Himalayan Salt products in our Gift Studio!

Add a Tub Treatment before this Massage $50
You further your renewal with a leisurely soak in our tub, with soft lights under water and air jets to relax you. The benefits for your body are truly amazing. Don't forget to check out the Himalayan Salt products in our gift studio to continue your wellness at home.


  • Uncontrolled high blood pressure
  • Pregnancy
  • Skin conditions with open sores

Tranquility Massage $89 (60 minutes)
comfort zoneThis specialized massage is an innovative, complete mind and body well-being experience, acting on your three different sensorial pathways; touch, smell and hearing. for profound relaxation.
The synergy of a unique blend of essential oils, the bespoke Tranquility Sound, Ayurvedic and Indonesian Sea Malay techniques combined with the use of soft brushes, gently guide the way for you to experience deep relaxation, reduced stress and a peaceful mind.
Recommended for those who feel stressed, unable to relax and have problems sleeping well.

Aroma Massage $58 (30 minutes), $75 (45 minutes), $85 (60 minutes)
New to Wellness Massage? This massage is a great first choice!
This full body Wellness Massage is done with Tranquility Oil. An aromatic, silky oil for the body with nourishing amaranth oil and an exclusive blend of essential oils which favor an immediate sensation of wellbeing alleviating the state of stress and tension. Tranquility Oil is also a nourishing oil, which makes the body soft and silky. Feeling good!

Tranquility Oil is perfect for all skin types but not recommended for pregnancy. The massage can be modified with a substitute oil that is safe for baby.

Our new BOOMAGLAM MASSAGE experience originates from the Macadamia groves bordering the Australian rainforest. The landowner of the Macadamia groves developed a technique to remove the oil from the Macadamia, to develop a line of treatments and products that are used in leading spas around the world.

Jindilli (the indigenous word for Macadamia) products and experiences bring the extraordinary healing, increased hydration & reduced inflammation to wellness experiences.

boomaglam hashtag Boomaglam

BoomaGlam Massage $90 (60 minutes)

Now, you may be wondering what is a BoomaGlam?

Jindilli created the BoomaGlam as a tribute to their Australian ancestors using the boomerang as inspiration to mold to the body's contours. Jindilli's BoomaGlam, used with Pure Macadamia Oil, delivers chemical-free, ritual cleansing for the whole body.

Jindilli's ergonomically designed BoomGlam is for deeply effective muscle therapy in this exclusive signature massage. The rite begins with a relaxing full body massage using pure luxurious Macadamia nut oil, which is naturally anti-inflammatory, anti- microbial and hypo-allergenic. The treatment concludes with the ergonomically designed BoomaGLam, which molds to the contours of the body providing deep effective relief. This rite provides maximum results utilizing short firm strokes, working pressure points along the energy meridians and using the heel of the hand and the BoomaGlam for deep muscle relief.

Hanakasumi™ $130 (75 minutes) A luxurious exfoliating & massage treatment!
Experience the ancient art of beauty with this relaxing body ritual inspired by Japanese tradition. The journey commences with the application of a warmed exfoliating cream with Cherry Blossom & Rice Peel that stimulates circulation and rids your body of dead cells. Next you will be enveloped in pure Shea butter, vitamins A,C, & E with Japanese Cherry Blossom Extract that has been warmed for a soothing and tranquil combination of Japanese massage and a unique foot massage based on reflexology revives vital energy. Blissful Relaxation!

Hot Stone Massage $95 (60 minutes)
This Wellness Massage is done using warm, smooth lava stones. The direct heat from the stones not only feels sooo good, it also eases muscle stiffness, increases blood circulation and leaves you feeling stress free! Recommended in particular for individuals suffering from fibromyalgia, arthritis or other chronic pain. The penetrating effects of the heated stones allows the massage to be delivered without excessive pressure.